Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{engaged} Tiff + Erick

While I love all my couples (honestly! I'm super blessed with amazing clients)...this one is especially close to my heart.  Tiff & I met our first day of college at Biola, a warm August day in 2001.  We lived on the same floor & I wandered over to her room to borrow tools & her dad's manpower for something (who can remember?  it was 12 years ago!  yikes!).  We were fast friends & enjoyed 4 years of Disneyland, dancing, shopping, Starbucks & beach days.  Oh, and we went to class occasionally.  Life took us in different directions, as it often does, but we remained close & I loved those moments when we could catch up over a latte.  

Fast forward to this month...holy crap, Tiff!  In 18 DAYS you will be Mrs. Erick Lewis.  I am honored to share these moments with you as a bridesmaid/coordinator and can't wait for many more as you guys start your life together.  See you soon my friend!

(enjoy their vibrant engagement shots & look for photos of her shower to come)

Photographer:  Gina Halferty


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