Saturday, March 2, 2013

{featured} iDeal Timing

Some friends of mine had a brilliant idea for a new service to benefit both brides & wedding vendors...check it out!

From Ring To Reception

Meet Chelsea…
I’m a California girl who loves love. I love celebrating. I love weddings for lots of reasons.; here are two of them…
#1: I love that two people are saying, “This is it. I choose you to spend my life with.”
#2: I love how creative a wedding allows you to be. You can tell a story with each detail, showing the world who you are.
I’d love to be a part of your journey. The wedding is just the beginning!
From Ring to Reception
Chelsea checking all the details at Chase & Lyssa’s Wedding
From Ring to ReceptionFrom Ring to Reception
lyssa Ray (236)
“Thank you for the incredible job you did for Chase & Lyssa’s wedding! You are amazing. You had great suggestions that made a stressful day run smoothly. You kept us calm, and that was quite a task.” — Kim, Mother of the Groom


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