Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Hotel: Love It or Leave It

When it comes to a wedding venue, everyone has an opinion. Most brides have a vision for what the day will look like, and the look of the venue sets the tone for that vision to come to life.

Some may dream of an ocean front ceremony, others a thick woodland like Bella & Edward in Breaking what if you're not lucky enough to live close to those magical places? Don't despair! The one venue that is in every city across this fair country of ours is the hotel ballroom. While it may not have the unique charm of a rustic barn or the pizazz of a car museum, it does have several perks you may want to consider as you plan your Big Day.

1) Onsite EVERYTHING. Forget dealing with a million different vendors. Hotels are all-inclusive. Your setup, menu, alcohol/beverages and even cake come from one place! Plus they will have a list of trusted outside vendors who work there repeatedly, which saves you future headaches.

2) PERFECT for out of town guests! You don't have to worry about Great Aunt Suzie getting an early ride home or Cousin Bobby who had a little too much vino and is about to pass out the second he leaves the dance floor. Guests can book a room themselves or you can arrange for a block of rooms, which usually means a discounted rate. You'll love this, too...after all the celebrating you can walk to your room!

3) The party can go on & on & on..... It's open 24 hours! Especially if the ballroom isn't close to rooms you can party til all hours of the night. Usually midnight is a standard cutoff, making your party last at least an hour or two past a typical outdoor or independent venue. Just be careful not to assume anything...some hotels may charge additional fees for longer hours, so just ask how much flexibility you have.

So there you have it! Something to think about before you nix the idea of a hotel ballroom altogether. This is where I'll be Saturday for Chelsea + Roger's reception!

Venue: Visalia Marriott at the Convention Center

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