Friday, April 8, 2011

Dancing Shoes

If you haven't heard of Toms by now you probably live under a rock. There are many things I love about my Toms. They're stylish, super comfy, and the best part? Every pair you buy means a pair for a child who probably hasn't ever had shoes.

They come out with new designs all the time, and now they can outfit your bridal party! There's bright white, sparkly silver, creamy ivory and a rainbow of colors to match every wedding. Of course the groom has options, too, like classic white, black leather or soft velvet. And don't forget the Tiny Toms for your flower girl & ring bearer!

You don't have to bring an extra pair of dancing're already in your comfies!

I love the wedge, too! Great for the bride or her maids.
There's nothing better than a brightly-colored shoe peeking out from underneath a gorgeous wedding gown. Love!

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