Monday, January 10, 2011

Why Hire a Coordinator

With all the vendors you're hiring for your wedding, is it really all that important to hire a wedding coordinator?

Well... YES! And here's why...

Planning a wedding is a TON of work! You've probably figured this out if you've been through the process. It's such an important day in your life, and there are so many details! You're basically having a gigantic dinner party for a few hundred of your closest friends.

Wedding coordinators do exactly that...they coordinate weddings for a living. While you have one wedding you're planning, they've done hundreds! Weddings are all they think about. They know the tricks of the trade and can assure your Big Day goes as smoothly as possible.

Since they work at so many weddings they have great vendor contacts. They can point you in the right direction of the best venues, photographers, videographers, caterers, florists, invitations, DJs, bands, etc. And, maybe even more importantly, they can point you away from the ones not so great.

Even if you want to handle the planning up until the day of, having a wedding coordinator to check on things like your vendors, ceremony and reception set up, and getting your bridal party wrangled and lined up is quite the undertaking.

Throughout your wedding, vendors may have questions about the timeline or where your second cousin, the vegetarian, is sitting. You don't want to have to hassle with these details during your reception. A wedding coordinator can be the point person, someone you've discussed everything with who can answer everyone's questions for you.

Some brides mistake their venue contact for a coordinator. This person's role is to oversee the venue set up and staff, not to attend to the bride. It's important to have someone there for you.

Every bride I talk to says having a wedding coordinator is the best decision they made. So save yourself some trouble...your day will fly by on its own, you want to be able to enjoy it!

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